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Linda Septien

Linda Septien – Vocal Coach

Linda Septien in the studio

Septien Entertainment Group
Because of the consistent number of singers who become professional each year under her direction, Linda is one of the most sought after vocal coaches in the country.  Her many working affiliations include The Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleaders, The Texas Rangers, The Dallas Mavericks, The Dallas Sidekicks, The Texas Tornados, McDonalds, P.M. Magazine, The NFL Superbowl, Fight Night, Sports Illustrated, NFL Properties, Dallas Summer Musicals, The Dallas Opera, The Dallas Symphony, The New Orleans Symphony, IBM, Apple, President Ford, President George Bush, Mary Kay, Six Flags, Star Search, CBS, FOX, ABC, VH1, E Entertainment, Maury Povich, and House of Blues.

Linda Septien is a unique entrepreneur.  Her talents as a vocal stylist for pop, rock, and country are almost equal to her love of interesting business opportunities, particularly in the arts.  She has and continues to work with Jive, RCA, Arista, Sony, Columbia, Epic, Universal, Disney, Dreamworks, ASCAP, BMG, BMI, EMI, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, and Atlantic.

Linda Septien Smiling at Alumni Wall


Linda’s Vocal Students

Linda has been teaching young vocalists for 24 years and has a sincere desire to reach into the hearts of each of her students and cultivate the commercial style, sound, and feel unique to each of the artists she trains.  As of 2007, over 2500 singers have studied under this renowned vocal coach.  These include, Jessica Simpson, Ryan Cabrera, Beyonce, Nick Lachey, Ashlee Simpson, Celena Rae, Brooklyn Sudano, Seven Story Drop, and 4 top 25 American Idol Finalists.  Linda’s staff are trained to teach her unique approach which utilizes classical technique to train artists who perform commercial styles of music including R&B, pop, gospel, rock, alternative, country, musical theater, and jazz.  Vocal students are evaluated and assigned to the vocal coach best suited to train them.

Linda Septien Coaching a Student


Coaching through Linda and her Staff

Linda and her associate staff continually study the art of commercial singingsongwriting, and successful techniques for marketing musical artists.  Through her work with all major record labels, managers, agents, publishing houses, and sporting events Linda and her staff know what it takes to produce exciting, unique artists.  Under her leadership, Septien Entertainment Group produces artists that mesmerize audiences through pure tonal ability and dexterity of the vocal instrument.  Linda’s goal is to produce: A voice that is addicting…A voice that is timeless…An artist who commands an audience…An artist that is like no other.

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