Artist Services: Back in the dinosaur days, it was about the artist, their albums, selling product and tour support.

Now it is about the artist, their singles, selling t shirts and not c.d.’s, giving downloads and songs away for free to non existing fans, touring, social media, videos, fan engagement daily, endorsements from other artists, Viners, Instagrammers, You Tubers, and all other influencers and the influence of NPR, Shazam, product placement and internet radio vs Broadcast discovery, Periscope streaming, Digifest Touring combining Influencers with the Artist, and well… could go on and on.That’s what ARTIST SERVICES is.

artist development1 - Artist Services
artist development2 1 - Artist Services

All of our artists came to us to learn a craft and the tools to make them better, brand themselves and go to the next level.  But then the question was, “How do we get to the next level”.  So we told them.  And then they came back defeated most of the time  Some would get great deals but most would get deals that lasted for one single and they were gone.  They didn’t have a road map.

So SEG created a road map……..

That’s what ARTIST SERVICES is.