SEG SWAT TEAM for Creative Directing

Septien Entertainment Group has been Creative Directing mainstream and international acts in music and entertainment for 15 years.  The “SEG SWAT TEAM”’s clients include various acts inclusive of Universal Records, Sony Records, AEG acts, Kidz Bop (6 years), MattyBRaps Live, America’s Best Dance Crew, San Remo Festival, (Italian Grammy’s), Demi Lovato Live, Fashion Rocks, House of Blues Tours, Velocity Tours, and a multitude of music videos internationally across multiple genres of music.

Producing musical acts, videos, and/or performances for artists Chris Brown, Jessica Simpson, Selena Gomez, Stanaj, Beyonce, Solange, Fergie, Black Eyed Peas, Daddy Yankee, Mary J Blige, SEG’s team has 25 year history of producing talent and top shows which includes all musical creation from elite back up dancers and top vocalist to lights and sets.

SEG houses 400 vocalists and musicians within their roster, so auditioning is a quick and easy process!  SEG also hosts auditions for Leggos, America’s Got Talent, American Idol, Sony, Universal, and many smaller regional tours.

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Kids at HOB - Creative Direction of Shows
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What is most unique about Septien is their understanding of today’s fans. Equipped with a team of social media specialists, Septien combines interactive methods of artists and fans engaging with each other throughout the show experience. The teams’ mission on most shows they produce is to ensure that each song grows to a show within itself.

Today’s fans must have experiences that engage them with the entertainer and with the use of A.D.D editing choices throughout the show fans walk away feeling as if they were the featured performers. Because of the 100’s of shows SEG has produced, they have honed the art and mastery of interactive fan engagement and musical genius within a performance creating multiplicity of additional fans.


First is convenience! Our team is a One Stop Shop.  Everything we offer is under one roof! Because of the ease and affordability of Dallas Texas, it is more cost and time effective to build your act with us!

Located in Dallas Texas with a satellite office in Los Angeles, SEG offers 15k feet of facilities filled with dance rooms, staging, and recording studios to house your next major production.

Many of our artists have their tour busses pull up in the back of our building after their shows are fully developed and off they go!

SEG’s Team of Professionals offers the following:

• Vocal Production
• Musical Production
• Stage Direction
• Fashion Design
• Lighting
• Sound Engineering
• Script Writing and Crowd Banter
• Story Boards
• Marketing Tactics
• Director of Photography
• Director of Videography
• Choreography
• Show Making Production
• Music Video production
• Dancers
• Stage Dj’s
• Hype prop use and crowd interaction
• Band members

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