SEG Experience

To try to describe what all encompasses today’s social media platform for the career singer, would be outdated in 10 minutes.  But fan engagement, experiencing the path career with you the artist, and learning how to do this over multi channel platforms is very very surreal.  SEG couldn’t do it either!  As much as we tried to keep up with daily change of algorithms, changes in how to reach fans based on the routinely change of back coding, has been prohibitive.

So our experts scoured the world for the social media teams  that are proven.  We left the story & life style branding  building to Septien who knows the insides of the artist, but the expert daily media pinups are in the hands of teams that are proven outsources. The artist must be engaged daily or it is not worth buying any of the packages. No consistency = no fans eventually.

content - Social Media for Entertainers


All products for our Social Media packages are determined by budgets for artist.  Packages range from digital audits of present media to full-blown PR  and launch campaigns that engage several outside platform companies across the world.   Call SEG’s social media department for more information.  972-392-2810

Social Media Management

Don’t have the time or the patience to learn and run a social media campaign? Not sure where to start? We can run everything for you. We set it up, we run the campaigns as long as you give us back YOUR weekly homework to insert !  You must do YOUR homework or we can’t do ours!

Social Media Workshops

1st Week of every month we offer Social Media Training Workshops for Artists, Parents or anyone who wants to learn to expand their business.  Our Social Media Disruptive Expert picks a  trending topic to explore each month.  You do NOT have to be in the entertainment business to sign up!   Call 972-392-2810 for more information!

Social Media Consulting

Just need to consult one of our experts but want to do the daily social media grind yourself!  Woo Hoo!   Team up with a SEG expert & pick a topic  to discuss.   Bring all your questions in & download until you’re ready to launch  your next trend!  Just be sure you are consistent in posting or otherwise, consultation is a waste of money.