SEG offers a number of reasons to bring your project to our recording studios! First we have the #1 super amazing audio engineer ever ! Come meet him and ask him all of the projects he has helped produce!

Second, our producers and songwriters work only in the NOW. SEG has a full staff that researches trends weekly, sharp moves that occur quickly and offer opportunities for a few profit-making tunes!

Thirdly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY we stay within a budget reasonable for your project! Our library of samples spans all music styles along with our upgraded bundles of new contemporary sounds! Or for the less electronic acts, we have studio session players ready to rock with your project. SEG provides a complete turn-key operation from start to finish.

song production - Song Production
song production 1 - Song Production

Here are just some of the reasons to bring your projects to SEG! Let’s start from the beginning and escalate to where you want to be in your career!

Level 1 Just for Fun

• Just want to learn how to record? Our engineers can train you!
• Want to play around in the studio and determine the best microphones for your vocals?
• Ready to record a cover tune on a You Tube video and want your vocals to be amazing?
• How about you just need a love song to sing to your dog for her birthday?

Level 2 Ready to be YOU

• Learning to brand your beats to match your genre
• Beginning the production process of your new originals
• Stylizing your voice on particular microphones

Level 3 Now I’m ME!

• Demo of your newly written original
• Learning to sing harmonies with your lead vocals
• Adding overdubs and trash tracks

Level 4 – Go Knock on Some Doors

• Turning your demos into radio ready recordings
• EPK completion of 3 songs or more
• Mixing your vocals to match your brand / genre