Back in the days before music dinosaurs, the trend was to be a triple threat…..then a quadruple threat….now the singers who get the most “deals” are octothreats! The more I studied the phenomena of being a complete 360 entertainer, the more I realized that in order to get ANY deal these days, you must be able to sing then play an instrument so you can songwrite so you can publish songs, which is one of the few ways to make money, then brand yourself, but you can’t do that until you learn to do social media, which makes you then do cool videos because you learned to sing, play, and write, but you must have stage presence to engage audiences or dance and choreograph something that will allow your EDM to look more like it should when you go to your gigs in order to gain fanbase; then you have to do cool vines which makes you have to act which then translates into great interviews because you are now comfortable with people both staring at you from afar and from very very close……

… other words, about 6 years of artist development college. SIX YEARS is the average time it takes to become a 360 artist!!! What does that exactly mean? Well, it is the amount of time that it takes the body to perform natural time gestures, sing with complete controlled exhalation and learn to create a new show of new ideas and new moves and new riffs and new stage engagement all while you are on the stage performing. You are so developed as an artist, that you can reinvent yourself nightly. NOW THAT IS AN OCTOTHREAT!!!! Depending on their read of an audience, they can move from song to song with fresh new ways to pop their audience out of their seats.

So, I have the music artist development down to a science (Read the Talent Code!) But SEG was missing the key element of acting and auditions for actor/singers! AND IN WALKS CHRIS SEAY!!!!! Her bright happy “look at my face” personality says…”We are about to open the best and biggest talent development center in the world. I am here to help!”

….and so we begin. Two new faces added to production and branding. We now have 4 photographers and videographers….expansion of our California program…..WE have a very detailed booking agent! We have Chris’s CAS performance programs, gigs, auditions, hook ups with many great producers and songwriters all watching our model this year. Along with WT, Zakk, Brielle, and the entire team, we are moving forward with a great combination of Octothreat opportunities!!!