The Septien Story

Since 1986 More Than 16000 Voices Have Been Heard


Septien is a complete training facility for musicians and entertainers.  Where most  music artist development studios and schools fail is not teaching the art of entertaining as a singer or instrumentalist.  Music careers today require participation by fans, social media call and responses, and consistent branding within a performance.  Septien trains how to brand within the genre.   SEG does NOT teach how to play the piano or guitar but how to play the piano or guitar WHILE ENTERTAINING.  And Septien’s teachers are specifically trained  to   pull the necessary energy, moves, language, gestures, and body placement from each budding artist.  

Engagement of an audience through stage presence takes much more ability to use both right and left brain thru automated timed gestures, the scientifically proven 10,000 hours needed to enter the top 10% in talent category.

linda septien flip card - Our Story

“I know this is long, but please read it!…It’s very important to know who teaches you and what the entertainment industry is about!” …Linda Septien


Septien Entertainment Group has progressively grown over 25 years to be named the top the music artist development company in the US. Linda Septien has been named the “Kingpin of Pop Talent”. Founded in 1986 by Septien, one of the most sought after talent developers in the nation, SEG has been featured on ABC Nightline, the BBC, The Daily Beast, Allure, KISS FM, Fox, NBC, and CBS& People Magazine as the “Go To” entertainment company, the millennial generational authority. In the New York best time seller, `The Talent Code”, by Daniel Coyle, Linda was deemed one of the top five trainers and talent discoverers amongst all top coaches in athletics and music. Linda is a regularly featured entertainment expert on Fox 4 and NBC as a foremost authority on today’s singers at any age.


SEG is based on clients earning each level of training to graduate to top levels of opportunities in the industry. Based on the practice that the better the base, the longer the career, novice students of all ages come to Septien to receive the best base level training in voice, instruments, stage presence, and songwriting. Once an artist passes the rigorous tests of audience engagement, they can graduate to one of the semi pro levels. Both the J Masters for 12 and under and Masters 13 and over are designed for training for the exact age of the artist. In our younger programs, SEPTIEN DOES NOT TEACH CHILDREN ADULT VOICE TECHNIQUES.

All coaches are fully schooled in puberty training so that a young artist does not wreck his/her voice before teen years. Linda says her biggest concern for the growing need for young artists in the music industry is the lack of education of vocal, instrumental, and stage presence teachers in schools that do not understand the larynx and body limitations of young children. All Septien teachers are trained regularly for the latest techniques received by top singing doctors in the world. Linda and her team attend 8 – 10 conventions per year to understand up-to-date medical, legal, and viral transitions of the generational industry.


Because Septien has trained over 14,000 artists, they are privy to top artists from around the world who are poised to be tomorrow’s music stars. When a client reaches the pro level within the Septien Complex, a singer has the opportunity to become a true artist!  With 25 years of success with top music pop artists, Septien is positioned to offer partners and alliances with future music icons for corporate relationships in “cool factor” branding, at a value much less than post launch.


SEG Music Complex is located in Dallas, Texas with a satellite office in Los Angeles, California. The Dallas complex is 15,000 sq/ft and is comprised of sound rooms for instructional use of voice, drums, keyboard and guitar, mega dance rooms for full show choreography, a 50 seat showcase Black Box Theater, recording studios & songwriting hub stations, 3 stages, lounges and kitchen facilities, and media training rooms.


Specialized training includes stylization of voice, pitch correction, songwriting with producers from top songwriting teams around the globe, contemporary instrument training, choreography, stage & tour production, stage presence, proper mic usage, image consulting, interview skills, and media relationships.

Septien books 600+ gigs a year for SEG talent to ensure the constant practice of earning relationships with live fans. Before the launch of a show, media event or tour, SEG international social media team is primed for social launch of any artist.    With over 20 million hits among SEG’s 300+ artists, the team swarms in and solicits the use of other branded singers to push the event.   The SEG SWAT team, as so often we are called, is available to produce a show from start to finish with no need for anyone else but an audience!