After the release of Google Pixel devices, the UI of the devices got popular among Android users of other brands. Pixel Experience is a custom ROM based on the UI of Google Pixel devices. And the latest version of Pixel Experience ROM is available for Poco X3 pro. So, Pixel Experience is another good custom ROM you can get for Poco X3 Pro.

  • It doesn’t give the assembled mid-range competitors a chance and takes the top spot in all benchmarks.
  • With the POCO X3 Pro, Xiaomi has once again shown that it understands the budget segment better than anyone else.
  • The IR blaster is still there on the top rail along with the headphone jack on the bottom.
  • It will be interesting to see how the Poco X3 Pro delivers, and whether people are willing to look beyond the usual “bigger is better” marketing message.
  • The animations are pretty smooth, responsive and neat as well.

The Realme 7 Pro has an AMOLED screen but a lower-grade processor. It has a better AMOLED screen and a 108MP camera but again has a lower-grade processor. If you want a better screen or camera then perhaps you might want to look at these two devices. But if gaming performance is your top priority then I think Poco X3 Pro is a better buy.

  • The 8+128 GB version of the POCO X3 Pro initially cost around 249 euros, while the POCO X3 Pro 5G starts at 299 euros (269 euros as a temporary offer).
  • The Snapdragon 860 is not a brand-new processor, it is a higher binned Snapdragon 855+.
  • I believe the noise reduction algorithm is a bit too strong.
  • Over time, it adapts and unnecessary processes will simply close, then consumption will return to its usual norm.
  • This custom ROM has different variants, and each option is specially designed for specific devices.

When you have a high-performance device, you can have a much better gaming experience, and it is unlikely that you will encounter problems such as lag during interface transitions. Snapdragon, MediaTek and other manufacturers link have designed a number of chipsets. It is a factor that greatly affects your user experience with its ISP, Modem and other features. You may witness a mobile phone being introduced every day. Considering that many devices are introduced in a year, we think that it becomes difficult for people to decide which device to buy. Sometimes, people think about the differences between the new series and the previous series, and whether it is necessary to switch to a higher model. However, new generation devices generally do not have significant differences compared to previous generation devices.

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