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Name: Prisha Mehta
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It’s not every day that veteran music industry professionals and mentors like Linda Septien (SEG) agree to work with an unknown and non-charted singer, but not every artist has the passion, energy, drive, and talent that Prisha has. Hard work and the ability to entertain people is in this singer’s blood. Prisha Mehta, age 12, is an emerging pop artist, dancer and songwriter on the World music stage, and she’s poised to share her talent with the world.

Prisha is a dynamic young vocalist, with a millennial voice well beyond her years. She has a very unique tone and she has the natural ability to set that tone to many different styles and moods of music.

She has earned respect of her peers and her mentors, who consistently describe her as “mature”, “confident”, “committed”, and most importantly, “vocally gifted”. Her artistic talent was easy to observe from a very early age. Prisha has been entertaining live audiences by playing lead roles in stage dramas starting from age 8 and has been keeping herself busy auditioning for films and commercials since then. At the early age of 10, she was the state finalist for National American Miss Texas pageant. Her story was covered in multiple local media outlets… (

Prisha learned early on that nothing worth having comes easy — a lesson that has stayed with her as she launched her career as an independent pop artist with her first cover song produced by SEG.

Currently Prisha is focused on studio recording and live performances, honing her skills on-stage and off-stage. Prisha is working on the second cover song and preparing for her upcoming live stage shows at Gaylord Texan and Six Flags Texas.