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IMG 9962 - Rocco and Frankie Leoni
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Name: Rocco and Frankie Leoni
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Rocco and Frankie Leoni are the newest generation of super-performers. The best way to describe their entrance to the scene is “being shot out of a cannon!” They are both extremely diverse performers who can do it all–sing, dance, play their own music–and are currently writing their own original songs.

The LeoniBoyz have that deep-down love of music and that comes across in every performance. They have that rare ability to energize the audience with their enthusiasm, making their performances extremely entertaining.

In addition to their singing, they are amazing dancers who can throw down with some hip hop, or even what they call “nuclear tap.”

Frankie is 8 and is a 3rd grader. He says he likes performing because when he’s onstage he loves to see people have fun. “I like to entertain people and and it feels good to share my talents with the audience.”

Rocco is 12 and is a 6th grader. He is grateful for the chance to get to sing and perform because it is something he has loved doing his whole life.  “I like music because my grandfather was a composer and I love getting the chance to follow in his footsteps.”

Rocco adds, “The training we are getting at Septien Entertainment Group is so amazing. It’s like finding people who speak your same language!”