Septien Entertainment Group and Evolve Tours are excited to introduce our 2018 Sounds Of Music Summer City Tours. Each week we visit cities that are rich in music history, perform at some of the most famous music venues and enjoy one of a kind educational (workshops) and cultural experiences. You’ll meet top industry professionals from social media platforms, branding and promotional agencies, see amazing music and theatrical performances and more.

Dennis Gelbaum, COO/CMO of Septien Entertainment Group adds, “For 2018, we’ve redefined the concept of a Summer Music Camp. The Sounds Of Music City Tour will provide music artists the opportunities and experiences of a lifetime as we travel to some of the greatest music cities in the world including New York, Nashville/Memphis, Miami/Havana, Los Angeles and London. Next year we anticipate offering destinations including Santa Fe, Denver, St, Louis, Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Portland, Detroit, Milan, Vienna, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Paris and more. Summer will never be the same for those who join us on this journey.”

Avi Nimmer, Director of Evolve Tours adds, “The purpose of the music trips & programs designed with Septien is to engage musicians with the world of music in all facets. From putting on public performances, attending professional music shows, meeting with industry leaders, and participating in private expert workshops, we will explore the art, business, history, and vibrancy of music throughout North America and the world.”

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Septien Entertainment Group Redefines Summer Music Camps!

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Septien Entertainment Group Redefines Summer Music Camps!