Shreya is 10 years old and lives in Irving, TX. Shreya has immersed herself in music since she was a little child. She has been on stage for several social and cultural events since she was a 4 year old. Every gift she ever wanted was somehow or other related to music. She has our home filled with all sorts of musical instruments.

Shreya started teaching herself keyboard when she was a 7 year old. Her first keyboard teacher was surprised at how advanced she was even though she was self-taught at that point.

Even as a little girl, she had an amazing sense of rhythm even before she learned her first rhyme. Shreya is also extremely talented in making things with her hands, whether it be origami or other handcrafts. She is also gifted and talented in mathematics and sciences.

When she is not doing something related to music—which is very rare—she spends her time designing crafts, making videos, building model rockets, and electrical circuits.

Above all, Shreya is deeply passionate about music. Her dream is to be a music artist, and win “America’s Got Talent” and “American Idol”.