25 03, 2016

Dallas W

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Linda and her program was a great stepping stone for my music life. She took the time to develop me as an artist and teach me about the industry. Her coaches stretched my vocal comfort zone beyond rap skills to include singing and having consistent gigs set up really helped me become a dynamic performer.

14 03, 2016

Nithya N

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We have been with Septien for a year and what a wonderful journey it has been so far!!It has been an inspirational experience for Sathvika.

14 03, 2016

Michelle P.

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Septien is home and everyone is family. It is truly a loving, supportive, encouraging, accepting and, of course, fun place to be. Eliza loves the vibe and never wants to leave. Shannon Camacho began teaching Eliza when she was 7, a painfully shy child, not yet confident in her God given talent.

14 03, 2016

Barbara S.

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Our daughter Shelby Schneider has grown immensely and her passion for singing, dancing and performance is as strong as it has ever been. This comes from the loving and encouraging environment that is within the roots of this organization. Everyone is treated like family and the "culture" of families that attend is one of support, [...]

14 03, 2016

Cathy E.

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Carlo Decanini has a way of relating to his students that many teachers lack. He is able to get inside the students' thought process and approach them in a way that they understand and push them in their abilities. Jonathan Camacho is an excellent teacher! He is patient and supportive and has collaborated on several [...]