Artist Development Program
“Working Upstream to the Top!”

SEG 360 is a one-year program for music artists who have earned the right to begin a launch. A team of experts walk the artist through a “Monopoly” style boardwalk giving the tools needed to prime a successful career.  From branding their songs, act, back up singers or dancers if needed, social media to helping them with new producers and showcases, SEG 360 enables an artist to enter the very competitive music market with some confidence and tools to compete.

Available to artists all over, singers must commit to a one year commitment and follow monthly milestones to ensure success at the end of 12 months.  Out of towners come in once a month for an 8 hour + training module, while in towners can come throughout the week.

septien 360 - SEG 360 PRO


anna  - SEG 360 PRO


Phase 1 – Consultation 8+ hours 1st consult                                   (Includes 10 -12 Mastermind Sessions)

Phase 2 – Branding of Artist through Music                                   Instruments /   Vocal / Songwriting / Stage

Phase 3 – Social Media Development Part 1                                   (Ongoing with Phase 2)

Phase 4 – Artist Presence and Body Branding

Phase 5 – Demo of 5 Branded Songs – SEG Pre Launch

Phase 6 – Publicity Phase Prep                                                         Photo Shoots / Videos & Initial GIG PROGRAM LAUNCH!!


Phase 7 – Social Media/Artist Branding Part 2 Websites Uniform appearance

Phase 8 – (Artists that SEG offers separate deal )– SEG Launch affiliates in L.A./ New York / Nashville / Miami

Phase 9 – PR and Red Carpet

Phase 10 – Social Media Part 3

Phase 11 – Sponsorships

Phase 12 – Publishing

Phase 13 – Touring

Jayne - SEG 360 PRO

*Phases 1 – 6 are initial product building phases.

*Phases 7 – 12 are launch phases which include national opportunities, PR, professional Social Media, publishing, licensing, tour support, performing rights agencies, and paid fan support on social media.

*Until the phases of 1 – 6 are complete, an artist is not eligible for phases 7 – 12.