SEG’s Pro40+ (a.k.a Determined Divas & Chronic Crooners)  Program is the most exciting and  quickly growing division of our company for our seasoned, older singers. Because of the growth of the worldwide fan base, artists can be ANY age and make money virally.

First, if you think you are not the right look, who cares?  Your music sells by listeners hearing it NOT seeing it!  You can put  up any picture from your favorite graphic to an Avatar!   No one ever has to know that you have 3 eyes if your music is quality and  or that you are 60 years old with a few character marks.

IF YOU HAVE A VOICE AND A GREAT STYLE SELL IT BABY!  Much like selling a book, the most important goal on the Internet fan base is your product.  Once your fan base is grown, you have  fans!  Remember a contract is a piece of paper.  If you have fans, you have a career!  (And contracts are dead, dead, dead)

goals 1 - Adult Music


adult voice2 - Adult Music

This program is for FULLY mature adult voices (our voices don’t reach maturity till around age 45)!  It is designed for those artists who either have had a career in music or were ready for a career.  The social media marketing of this program is designed for older fans as well.

Singers are trained in the seasoned voice articulation, the art of changing listeners into fans, getting music branding out to targeted fans, & making income from the internet without touring.  Songwriting for rock, singer songwriter, country and Christian audiences are the main focuses of this program.

song production 2 - Adult Music

“It is really a thrill for me to work with older artists. The Vocal instrument does not become mature until 45 years of age..and THAT’S when the voice is at its best!!! So why is the industry so young? I don’t know and it is a bit frustrating because our vocal professionals have to be uber careful to not heart young larynxes that should NOT be singing rock. And older artists are determined, focused and have little distraction. They should be the superstars of today with assess to a huge worldwide audience with their amazing seasoned voices”.  – Linda Septien