“THE TALENT CODE”, A #1 New York best seller book on the development of the talented brain, names Septien Entertainmnt Group as the top music training studio in the World. Because of the success of the 5-year Master Program in artist development for singers between 13 – 18 years old.

Septien launched a similar program for tweens  6 – 13 years old.. In the Talent Code, the four Nobel Peace Prize winning scientists have discovered that it takes 10,000 hours to make talent professionally competitive. These same skills have been determined to slide into any leadership role in career choices. SEG teachers average 12 years teaching with our company and have been thoroughly trained in both puberty and adult voice technique for the modern commercial singer! With over 16k to its legacy, SEG has had amazing success with both tween and teen singers!

The Tweenation Program was born from the trend of younger singers being offered singing careers at earlier ages. If our younger singers were not trained as vocal athletes to withstand the rigorous amounts of performance time of both training their bodies and vocal instruments, as well as stage presence, their vocal ability would suffer greatly.

There is HUGE need for younger artists in the entertainment World. It is not for every family, but for those that enjoy travel and talented young artists, we can pave the road ahead!

Tweenation Program is not for learning to sing, but learning to be a leader, a CEO and not being afraid of the public eye. It is learning how to work with a team, marketing coaches and the world of the music business. 


Auditions are available to you THREE ways!!!

  1. Send a video OF two. songs as described below into casting@theseptiengroup.com with TWEENATION in the subject line
  2. Arrange a Skype audition (for out of town singers) call 972-­392-­2810
  3. Physical audition at SEG studios -­‐June 5th and July 6th @5:00 pm
What must you prepare for any type of audition described above….
  1. Two songs – one upbeat and one ballad.
  2. If you are a dancer, please make sure one of the songs you can add movement.
  3. If you play an instrument, be SURE to play all instruments at which you are proficient
  4. Dress as you would if you were performing
  5. Physical audition –
    a. Save your song tracks on your phone to use if you have physical audition. NO acapella.
    b. Bring pic and resume should you have them available to physicalaudition.
  6. 6. Digital Audition
    a. Use tracks on digital auditions when filming. NOacapella
    b. Send pic and resume to casting@theseptiengroup.com with tweenation audition in the subject LINE



  • Vocal Instruction Pop Style – Individual
  • Group Songwriting
  • Media Training on how to LAND a perfect interview each time
  • Group Guitar/Piano (Depends may be one or both)
  • Group Stage Presence


  • Gigs – Level 1, 2, 3 (Depending on Experience of the artist)
  • Two Showcases!
  • 4 JURIES to help advance to the next gig level


  • How to Begin – Jump Start Social Media
  • Cleaning up what you messed UP!
  • Plan for the entire program of social media to help you learn what you need to brand!
  • Posting Classes – Interactive posting weekly under a guided strategist!


  • Contests
  • Talent Shows
  • Auditions – Private and Public
  • Music Biz Opportunities just for Septien Artists and Tweenation Artists


Linda Septien is a music artist development professional with 25+ years of experience, whose success is measured by the number of successful op icons she has prepared, trained and helped launch into thriving careers.

Named on the cover of the Dallas Observer as the “Kingpin of Pop Talent”, Linda is the foremost authority on all phases of launching an artists career including vocal technique, vocal disorders, vocal production, stage presence, vocal branding & viral marketing for all ages of artists.

With over 16,000 students to her legacy, including branded icons Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Kacey Musgraves, Kidz Bop, Ryan Cabrera, Leon Bridges & Jessica Simpson, among other “cash producing” artists. Linda prides herself on her ability to recognize talent & create an effective development strategy to launch a branded long term career artist.

Ms. Septien is also the entertainment expert for both American Idol and The Voice on ABC and NBC, the Kidd Kraddick big Break partner with KISS FM, & the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders singing and production coach, ABC’s ‘Nightline’, BBC and is a regular entertainment insider on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning (KISS FM), ABC, NBC, & FOX affiliates.

She has also appeared on VH1 Behind the Music, MTV, A&E, Discover, Oxygen and MySpace Corporate. Her patented SEG Boot Camp training method has been identified in the NEW YORK TIMES best seller, “The Talent Code”, where Linda was recognized as one to the top five Talent Coaches in the World among athletic and music coaches


Zakk was recruited from Los Angeles, but is originally from New York. With a great prospective of both major entertainment cities, the new Creative Director of Tweenation was also the creative director of Matty B Raps, The American Tour, and International artists with K Pop & Euro Pop.

Tweenation’s new director has developed hundreds of artists and has choreographed multiple music videos, stage presence and award shows for international super stars in various different countries.

Zakk’s experience started at 9 years old as an actor Broadway’s, Les Miserable, international spokesperson for Slinky, Alpine Lace Cheese, and Code Zero, and expanded to dancer, producer, and choreographer for Chris Brown (dancer and producer) Daddy Yankee, Black Eyed Peas, Blondie, Fergie, Little Mama, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Mary J Blige, Calvin Harris, Blake Shelton and Mariah Carey.

In 2015 he artistically directed touring shows for some of the most successful YouTube celebrities such as Matty B Raps, TV performances for shows like America’s Best Dance Crew, Dancing With the Stars and Disney’s Tenn Choice Award nominee Sabrina Carpenter!