Offshore development outsourcing means letting an external party do your work from a remote location. That’s why, there exist various security risks you might face such as data breaches and code theft, which in any case will lead to tangible and intangible losses for businesses. Another worth-mentioning advantage of offshore development is the extension of working time thanks to the timezone difference. Imagine when a European company wants to develop software for Asian users, it’s better to involve Asian developers and testers.

It is clear that outsourcing is an inevitable part of software engineering. In short, this term has the same meaning as the regular outsourcing but with the indication of the geographical distance between the customer and the provider. Simply put, an offshore development center is a software development provider located in
another country. Banks can benefit from our financial software development services to help rationalize their processes and realize increased profitability through technology. In the current dynamic global economy, banks must be equipped to address efficiency, customer experience, and compliance matters.

Ensure regular communication

The term “offshore” refers to a significant distance between the client’s and the offshore development team’s locations. Consequently, the distance makes it possible for both client and the team to work in different time zones. Africa’s IT outsourcing market is only emerging, but it has already demonstrated rapid growth and is now attracting overseas clients. A pioneer of software outsourcing, Asia boasts the biggest number of offshore software developers as compared with other regions.

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There are several risks when working with an offshore software outsourcing vendor. Frequent communication and collaboration between the onshore and offshore team leads is imperative for meeting project goals. Arrange for daily status meetings, preferably through videoconferencing, so that every issue is addressed in a timely and efficient manner. In light of the continuous thriving demand for cloud integration, cloud technology implementation is projected to be a high-demand function that businesses expect their offshore vendor to handle in 2023. Poor communication is another critical problem that often results from language and distance barriers in offshore development outsourcing. Involving people from diverse environments can bring not only diverse tech capabilities but also a fresh perspective to the table.

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Considering mobile app development, we use Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android). Managing such a team requires your full involvement as you assign the tasks. However, you get a group of professionals that covers all your software development needs. The dedicated team is easily scalable and the cost of employing it is predictable. Our engineers can make your development process stable and reliable, by utilizing automation, constant testing, and advanced planning. At Devox Software, our development team is constantly improving their skills and technical knowledge.

  • IDC reports an increase in business spending on technologies related to AR/VR, AI, IoT, 3D printing, cloud, security, and robotics.
  • Ready-to-go and a custom-hired team of software engineers, Scrum Masters, Designers, and QA specialists .
  • Updates are always needed to help the developer by offering on-demand services at much lower prices than hiring tech specialists to deal with future needs.
  • Countries with lower costs of living will have lower development prices.
  • It ranges from direct access to best-in-class developers and lower development risks to reduced operational and development costs, faster project delivery, higher scalability, and access to latest technologies.
  • Provide clarifications when they’re unsure how to proceed, but don’t try to micromanage their work.

TECHVIFY Team consists of members from many different departments at TECHVIFY Software. We strive to provide our readers with insights and the latest news about business and technology. With the offshore model, your business can quickly scale the team size. Additionally, keep in mind to evaluate the level of quality of the offshore company by verifying whether they have accreditations like ISO 9001 or CMMI. Always check reviews from previous clients on a vendor’s website or social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Clutch, and more, to get a sense of the company’s trustworthiness. TECHVIFY brings the best outcomes for our clients, satisfaction, and long-lasting value for customers after each project.

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Also, that the company invests in training IT talents will be a bonus during vendor selection. For instance, LTS Group has its IT academy – LTS Edu to spot and nurture top talents for businesses around the globe. The rates will vary by region and country, and even within each country based on different seniorities and skill sets. Vendor selection is a critical step to ensure the quality and security of your outsourced project. You can ask for recommendations or go to review platforms to have a list of vendors, then investigate their ability, trustworthiness, and suitability to select the right one.

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At this stage, there are a lot of services and software that are outsourced. A lot of these services are free, so that makes it easy to try them out. But for professionals who can’t afford to try out any of these services, outsourcing is a safe bet.

Offshore Software Development Hourly Rates in Eastern Europe

The average hourly rates here are 30-40% lower than in Western Europe, US, or Canada. Poland is one of the most expensive countries for software development outsourcing in the Eastern European region. At the same time, it’s one of the safest and most stable economies in the region. Thanks to this, Poland became the home of R&D offices for many international corporations, including Google, Intel, and Siemens. With no surprise, compensation for app development services will increase for almost all technologies by more than 3.8% and will continue growing. The most significant technologies where the rise was Python, React Native, React.js, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Java, and PHP.

We offer the opportunity to modernize aging systems, reduce technical debt, and advance data management. As you may see, the average cost of software development in offshore countries is far lower than in the United States or Western Europe. It can happen that even a senior software engineer’s hourly rate in an offshore country may be lower than the one of a junior or middle developer in the USA. Therefore, hiring offshore developers is the most cost-effective decision because the cost of living in offshore countries is lower than in the US or Western Europe. There are thousands of companies providing offshore development services around the world.

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The average offshore developer rates can range between $4 and $20 per hour, a
reasonable rate in exchange for competitive talent and convenient outsourcing
locations. Because there is no single dominant country in the region’s
IT industry, the rates are comparable across the board. Some countries are more
lenient towards the IT industry, while others impose higher taxes. Still, if you are offshoring for the first time or need to guide someone responsible for managing an offshore team, we have some basic tips. Offshore development can provide a more straightforward path to growing your business and leveraging the decade’s technological advancements. Hopefully, this article has provided you more insight into the cues for when to opt for offshore software development.

They have a deeper understanding of the cultural behaviors of local users and can guarantee better user-friendliness. Let’s understand the basics before we dig deep and figure out if offshore development is offshore software developement the right choice for your company. Before getting down to software creation, you and the offshore software developer should discuss the key performance metrics, development milestones, priority tasks, etc.


Alternatively, a more bureaucratic approach may push developers to take a more conservative approach, for the sake of the project’s success. While teams often include developers or software architects, you might not want to approach developers who come from the “hard-working” culture. Speed-up your projects with high skilled software engineers and developers. Furthermore, because we are located in Southeast Asia, we always provide software development solutions at lower prices than our competitors due to labor salary differences. A full-time onshore team lead and a corresponding offshore technical lead is essential for timely communication of business priorities. The team leads can establish necessary coding standards and practices, help solve technical challenges, review code, and help train and mentor the offshore team.