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Name: Zayne Marquez
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zaynemarquez/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@zaynemarquez
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zayne.marquez
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3k_Sww9vrVLU0piRtltxcw

In 2012, Zayne was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease; it quickly took hold of her body. The young 11 year old athletic dancer we knew only weighing 85 lbs.with beautiful flowing straight hair became unrecognizable within a few months reaching a weight of over 130 lbs. This disease quickly changed the outward person, but never phased my precious daughter’s spirit, faith, love for dance, love for music and love for life. We spent the year trying to figure out how this disease came to be and how it had changed our lives so quickly. She missed out on her 7th grade year, having to be home schooled in lieu of dealing with the pain carrying all the excess weight that controlled and tired her body.
It was in January of 2014 that our world was turned completely upside down. Zayne had gone in for a routine checkup, only to find out that her labs showed that her levels were out of control. One of our nephrologist, decided to try a “chemo” treatment to shock her kidneys. Upon release from a hospital stay the first week of January, we headed home a mere 5 hours down the road. Unbeknownst to us, Zayne had contracted a staph infection that had settled into her lungs. We had been home about 8 hours when her fever spiked at 104 degrees. Living in a rural community, I dashed her to the local hospital, where they had to Careflight her out, again to the children’s hospital in Albuquerque. Because of the staph infection that had settled in her lungs, the ICU doctors placed her on a BiPap breathing machine, forcing air into her lungs. After a quick realization that this was not working, and Zayne was becoming extremely fatigued, the doctors had to make the harsh decision to place her on life support.  Within hours Zayne was intubated, on 23-hour dialysis and because of the chemo that was flowing through her body, I was told to gather my family that the outlook was very grim. She remained this way for several days. However, because of Zayne’s strong desire to live and a remarkably fight for life, Zayne began to show signs of recovery from the staph infection. This puzzled the infectious disease doctor who has continued to follow her case because at the rate the infection overtook her lungs, he couldn’t explain it, by all reason she should have expired. Zayne was giving the fight of her life; unexplainably she fought back with an extraordinary willingness to live; an unmatched desire to live that life and those dreams God had planted not only in her heart but in her soul.
She was finally moved out of the ICU onto the specialty ward, but still on renal dialysis. We continued to live on the specialty unit for the next two months as she steadily made improvement, going from renal dialysis to peritoneal dialysis, which we all know is completely backwards. She was eventually discharged on PD, after having lost all of her hair and ability to move, she was determined. It was only 2 months later she was having surgery to remove her catheter. No more living with dialysis. Today, she is living life to the fullest with a beautiful mane of curly hair!
I know I have provided a lot of information, but her entire story is incredible. Zayne is an exceptional young lady, with an incredible talent that needs to be shared. She has the voice of an angel. Zayne is a medical miracle, I believe this has helped her unleash her passion for singing, dancing, entertaining, and everything that she comes in contact with. I am proud of my beautiful Zayne, she is indeed a miracle that needs to be shared with the world. At the young age of 15, her passion is untouchable. Her soulful sound comes from many years of singing in the church choir, as her personal mantra has always been “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Gives Me Strength.”